Women! Rise into Your Erotic Empowerment!

Sex is not an easy topic for most women. Why? The reasons are as varied as we women are!

Have You Suffered Sexual Harassment or Assault?

Would You Like to Know How to Assert Your No and Reclaim Your Yes?

Do You Feel Like You "Should" Enjoy Sex More than You Do?

Are You Afraid that You Enjoy Sex "Too Much?"

Does Your Partner Seem More Focused on Sex than on YOU?

Has Someone Hurt You in the Past and Now You Don't Enjoy Sex as Much? 

Have You Ever Worried That You Might Not be "Pleasing" Your Partner? 

Would You Like to Own Your Pleasure without Feeling Pressured or Shamed?

For longer than any of us can remember, women have been living under a system that targets them for routine sexual harassment. 

It is so normalized, many of us have just learned to live with it. 

But that time is ending as women are finding their voice and upturning a centuries old system of sexual oppression!

Yet, it can feel confusing as to what comes next? How do women and men find a path forward where they feel honored and empowered to engage in sexual communication that does no harm? 

Additionally, many women experience frustration, boredom or even fear of sex. So they might avoid sex. Or endure sex. Or convince themselves that this is as good as it can get. 

But the fact is that your sexual energy fuels all your creativity and your life itself. So it is essential that you are fully empowered to be sexually alive! That doesn't always mean you will choose to have sex. Often you will not. But being able to step fully into your sexual chi is your birthright! And YOU get to decide if that sexual empowerment actually leads to sex.

My approach to erotic empowerment for women teaches you how to assert your no before teaching you how to say yes to pleasure. This creates maximum safety and total empowerment for you. You will come away feeling more confident and in control than you ever have before!

You will learn how to be in total control of your sexual and erotic reality!

I will help you find your truest expression of your sexual energy to empower every aspect of your life. I am an international empowerment agent committed to helping my sisters rise. Yes I am a certified sexologist, but the true value of what I bring to you, is the fact that I have walked this path myself – from rape survivor to sexually empowered and free – from post-menopausal reset to post-menopausal supercharged! If I can do it, you can too, with me firmly standing beside you. I cannot wait to meet you there and rejoice in your rising! 

I am on a mission to unleash your Divine Feminine in all her glory: assertive and nurturing, sensual and creative, intuitive and intelligent – fully empowered to bring your unique gifts and talents to yourself, those you love and the world. If you are a woman who is rising into the fullest expression of yourself, then I have many gifts to help you in your journey!

Join me in Mexico for a rejuvenating and transformative week in March of 2018 and take charge of your erotic and creative destiny! 

This Workshop Adventure Begins March 17, 2018

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"My time with Veronica is radically changing my life beyond what I knew was possible. She helped me through crisis and has enriched the path to greater connection, joy and truth. Her work is priceless and extraordinary. I am so grateful!”  

Debbie – Hospital Vice President  


“Working with Veronica Monet deepened my intuitive understanding of my relationship through her perceptive insight and gave much needed clarity to my cloudy mind. She was there in an hour of need and helped me explore what might have felt uncomfortable speaking with anyone else . . . I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a clear, kind, and grounded perspective into their relationship challenges.”  

Skyler Myers, CAS, CMT, RYS, PKS.  

Join me in the tropics in the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan at one of the most arts oriented creative spaces in Latin America – Casa de los Artistas. 

When you are not directly engaged in the workshop there are wonderful activities planned for you to delight and inspire: A boat trip to the National Coral Reef State Park, Los Arcos, with opportunities for seeing dolphin and whales and onto a beach for a wonderful picnic. 

Another day stroll through the award winning Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens where we will have a wonderful lunch at their gorgeous hacienda restaurant. Hike the jungle paths along the ocean or simply lay on the beach and soak in the sun. Dine on wonderful cuisine and engage in conversation with new friends. Join me for what will surely be an incredible week!

Veronica Monet, ACS is an internationally acclaimed sexual empowerment change agent. 

CNN, FOX, Politically Incorrect, Yale, Stanford and UC Berkeley are just a few of the numerous news and educational institutions that have hosted Veronica for her forward thinking insights and expertise. 

Veronica coaches courageous individuals and couples in mastering their erotic experience regardless of circumstance, history or health. 

As a Relationship Coach, Sexologist and Anger Specialist, she combines her extensive education with deep empathy derived from personal experience. 

Personally overcoming incest, rape, violence and abuse she has not just survived but thrives. 

Mastering her experience, she is committed to helping others to own their personal empowerment in the most loving and honorable lifestyle tailored for each sacred being she encounters. 

Veronica invites you to join her in her sacred space: The Shame Free Zone. Here you will discover her book Sex Secrets of Escorts, as well as her game-changing Exquisite Partnership Formula ™, a program designed to turn conflict into connection and sex that gets better with each passing year.